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Free SSL Certificate

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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Security is an encrypted path through which all sensitive information can travel safely. Free SSL that you get with our Business/Unlimited web hosting plan will ensure your website is safe and your clients can feel secure.

How Does Our SSL Certificate Work?

Wonder How Does SSL Work? In a few words: visitors computer will ask for secure SSL connection, the server will provide SSL certificate & public key backup, then the computer will send to server an encrypted key and server will decrypt it with established secure connection. Websites without SSL/TLS protocol are exposed to easy data theft, message forgery, and eavesdropping. With cheap SSL certificate not only do you gain security & your customers’ trust, but also improve your SEO ranking, therefore your revenue doubles in no-time! Bring Your Website to the Next Level by SSL Encryption.

cheap ssl certificate

Reasons to Have SSL Certificate

Website security

Websites protected by cheap SSL certificate transfer all website bullet-proof encrypted data between a visitor and a server securely.

Gain trust

According to the latest web research, people buy on websites with SSL 10x times more than without it. Secure cheap web hosting will increase your revenue instantly because of the trust.

Must-have for SEO

With SSL you will boost your website’s SEO traffic! Google announced that SSL security is one of the major search ranking factors.

No lawless incidents

Avoid cyber-criminal incidents that may lead into troubles with law & paralyze you from your business by using SSL/TLS protocol.

Brand credibility

Increase your brand’s credibility as secured service long-term, by simply protecting all of the payments through your website.

Increase your sales

Cheap SSL price is peanuts but benefits are huge! This is the cheapest way to boost your sales with almost zero investment.

Drive Your Business Forward With Free SSL Certificate

cheap ssl certificate

It is no secret that Google and all other search engines, rank all websites that have SSL certificates better than those without it. Start your website with SSL secure cheap web hosting and shoot two birds with one stone: gain high SEO results and success your sales by beating your competitors.

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